Free Yourself from Filing

How many times have you looked at the stack of papers in on your desk (or stuffed in the corner)? You feel bad that you have not been able to file? So you feel that the filing is overwhelming?

The focus of this blog in 2013 will be to help you organize your files, your leads, your projects, your cousins, and many other things. I will review products and articles on the topic and offer advice.

But before moving on to complicated systems and cumbersome notebooks or duplicated information to make “family notebooks”, let me tell you what I do.

I scan everything. I attach it to my family tree (Family Tree Maker). I have a clear plastic bucket where I stack things until I can scan things. When I file…

I have a series of clear plastic buckets with lids. And I file by surname on the record. I do not create any sub folders or sub categories. I file all of the Bs together and the Ts together without regard for suborganization. And for women who marry and even those who marry more than once, I file the papers or scraps or documents under the surname on the file.

Welcome to my system. I have never lost anything. And I don’t have to remember where the real document or real copy is.

Simple. Easy. Done.