Goodbye Google Reader. Hello Feedly.

I have to admit that I had a moment of panic when I heard that Google Reader was shutting down. I love Google Reader. I use it every day. I keep track of my favorite web sites, blogs, and surname feeds. Right away I went to work to find a replacement. I was looking for a way to save my subscriptions rather than reenter all of the web sites. I stumbled upon Feedly. 

I was so glad to see that Google Reader would allow a download of the data so that all of the subscriptions were preserved. Feedly imported everything without a hitch. And I was good to go.

The computer version is fairly easy to use. You can choose default settings for displays. It was easy to customize the categories. But the iPad version is outstanding.

The iPad version is user friendly and everything can be opened with the touch of a finger or article after article can be read and dismissed with a drag across the screen. A small number shows up with each category that tells you how many unread articles are available. If you tap on a category such as “family history”. Each subscription is then available if you want to look at one specific location. It functions just like Google Reader in that you can read as little or as much as you want.

If you decide to choose a particular subscription, such as the Reed message board, a list of new items appears. You can browse through the headlines and open what you want. Once the page is swiped, all of the items are changed from unread to read.

After you complete one category, a new category appears. I looked at the Reed message board, and then had a choice whether to move on to the Robbins message board. 

From my last few days of using Feedly, I am a convert. And I still think the web aggregator is one of the best and most useful technologies available, particularly for keeping track of geneological sites, blogs, and message boards.

















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